Amazing Features

Learn how to be a true leader with expert Tips and Techniques

Leadership Pedagogy

To help students identify tips and techniques based on leadership theory to lead other students on campus activities

Expert Action Plans

To orient student leaders to their responsibilities on campus

Flexible Formatting

So that students can create their own customized Action Plans

Focused on Student Leadership Development

To teach students how to lead and improve their leadership skills on campus

Customized University Colors and Logos

To allow individual universities to customize and license the app for their own campus

More Features

To allow students to share action plans and pass on their leadership legacy to other students on campus

Why Get this App?

Students are expected to lead groups and activities on campus with very little oversight or follow up. This app allows students to develop as true leaders by identifying key tips and techniques to help them become amazing leaders on campus. Students choose leadership tips and techniques pertinent to their clubs, teams, or events on campus, and add them to their own personalized Action Plans to achieve their leadership goals.

With this app, students will learn about leadership and practice key leadership skills, as well as learn how to manage and organize campus events, without continually asking, “How do I do this activity?” Tips for creating inclusion, maintaining engagement, handling conflicts, fostering collaboration, mentoring and coaching students, handling event
logistics, and managing student stress are included.

It's Awesome

Here are some awesome ways to use The Student Leadership Mobile App on campus:

If you are welcoming new students on campus as a New Student Orientation leader, you can create an action plan about how to acquaint your new first years with the multitude of activities on campus

If you are running a Campus Fundraising Event, you can identify various ways in which you can manage the event with team captains and handle the logistics of event planning.

If you are a Student Athletic Captain, you can set reminders for how you might lead by example, coach, mentor and guide younger teammates.

If you are a Residence Dorm Hall Advisor, you can consider ways to handle student issues, report challenges, create dorm events, and manage student stress.

If you have a Student Internship, you can develop an action plan to help you conduct your project in a way that is effective, efficient, and professional.


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